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2019,五月十六号,by Gary Luo:
After practicing with women's team today, one thing has brought to my attention, which I want to share with everyone in the team. Everyone has different physical power condition, someone is stronger and someone is weaker. During a race, we need to use our physical power in a smart way.  For instance, let's say in starting phase, everyone is required to deliver a power in 100%; during "cruising" (middle phase) 80% power is required; and in the final, using all the power you have. For those strong persons, you should do excately as what they required, but for the weaker persons, you should do your 100% to help the boat accelerating to the cruising speed and then during the "cruising", you can use 70% or even less to keep up you pase and form. In the final phase, everyone should use all the physical power that they have.  Your pase and form (technique) are very crucial during a race. If you do not know how to use your physical power in a smart way in the race, you will be exausted before the finish line. When you are exausted, you will not be able to keep up your pase and your form will be easly twisted too.  Obviously, if you cannot maintain your technique (keeping up your pase and maintaining your form), you will interfere the person behind you. This type of "interference" is just like "wave" that can travel all the way down to the last row of the boat.  Hopefully, everyone can read this message. Thanks. @all people

Your technique (rhythm, keeping your both arms straight, hinge down, looking forward etc.) plays very important roles in two different aspects:
1) to keep the entire team as ONE, which is the most important thing for dragon boat racing.
2) to prevent yourself from injury.  In an intense competition, if you do not do it right, you very likely get injured.
昨天与女队一起练习后,我注意到一个问题。我想与大家分享一下我的看法。每个人的体能不同,有人强壮,有人较弱。在比赛中,我们需要合理地分配我们的体力。比如,我们可以假设把比赛大致分成三个阶段。阶段一,起始阶段;阶段二,巡航阶段;阶段三,冲刺阶段。如果要求我们在起始阶段用100%的力量。那么,在阶段一,每个人都必须100%的用力。因为这是船只提速的阶段,我们需要在最短的时间内,使船达到“巡航”速度。阶段二,如果按常规要求每个人都需要用80%的力量, 那么体力好的人就一定要按要求做到80%,不打折扣。体力较弱的人,为了合理分配体力,可以根据自己的能力,做到70%甚至更少。在最后冲刺阶段(大概是距终点50米左右,此时Caller会提示大家),每个人都必须全力以赴,把你身体中所有的动力全部毫无保留地输出,传递到你的桨叶上。简单地说,巡航阶段是体力较弱的人唯一可以“喘息、打折扣”的时间。因为巡航阶段在三个阶段中最长,由于长时间过度的体力消耗,很容易使得那些体力较弱的人技术动作变形。如果你的技术动作发生变形,就会形成一个干扰源,这个干扰源会像波浪一样一直传递到船尾最后一排。所以合理地分配你的体力,其中的主要原因之一就是保证你的技术动作不走样、不变形。另外,非常重要的一点是保持正确的技术动作也是防止身体受伤的关键。

By 舵手 安德鲁:昨天混合队,整体有点乱,速度明显比上次慢

By 女队队长Maggie:

建议大家都把Kevin的录像download下来好好看看 的确是很不整齐[Awkward] 包括他提到的上面的手一直在船弦外 往下按压的动作 还有中间几排必须和前排保持一致才能把准确的速度和节奏传给后排

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So if you download my video and watch it in slow motion you can see a lot of us pressing at different times. Also some top hands are coming into the boat which results in a slanted stroke when you pull. To fix the top hand pressure issue we need to look up and across at the strokes wrists. When they press and pull, you press and pull! It’s a cumulative effect so if someone is not doing it in the middle then the backs will suffer. The backs can not really see the fronts and rely on the middles for


Lastly you can see we don’t really pick up the rate on the start. Whenever I call ups the rate stays more or less the same through the last 15 strokes. We need to really get the boat moving and pick up the rate more! But good practice always getting stronger

By 队友夏至:

跟节奏比尽全力更重要 @所有力量大动作快的同学

 楼主| 发表于 2019-5-17 14:20:22 | 显示全部楼层
2019五月二号 by Gary Luo:

有兩個明顯的問題。一,要抬頭(目視前方)、挺胸、收腹。二,槳手是在弓背,不是在hinge down (頭與上半身保持直線,以腰為軸,就像門上的合頁一樣,上半身整體以腰為軸向下轉動(hinge down)


正确的做法是(以右侧桨手为例):hinge down 时,左腿伸直、顶住前方船底或前排座位,同时,上半身以右臀为轴,由船外侧向内侧(从右向左)转动,直到船桨入水为止;起身、向后划水时,上半身以右臀为轴,由内向外(从左向右)转动,同时左腿膝盖弯曲。
另外,我注意到我们有一部分桨手把hinge down误解为弯腰(弓背),这是不对的。hinge是门上的合页,hinge down 要求以腰为轴,上身保持直线(挺胸、收腹)整体向下。大家想象一下,你的上半身是合页的一片,腰部以下是合页的另一片。两片合页以腰为轴开(起身)合(hinge down)转动。@all people

总结起来,我们划船的动作有两个轴。一个以外侧臀部(左侧桨手左臀,右侧桨手右臀)为轴的左右(内外)转动;另一个是以腰为轴的hinge down 与起身、划水的动作。希望大家在训练中,细心体会。谢谢!@all

As Kevin said,  improving fitness is very important for dragon boat race.  I guess, through the practice today, everyone can feel improving fitness is the key of dragon boat race.

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本帖最后由 发财猫 于 2019-5-18 07:28 编辑

I’d also like to make this understood as I heard that many of you were sore after yesterday’s practice. This is a good thing. The next day after practice, everyone should be sore. If you are not, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. Even experience paddlers will still get sore after practice because they continue to push themselves. At this point in time, I know some are new and some have been paddling for longer. For those who have been paddling for a while, your lower back should not be sore .
When you are paddling, you are not using your lower back to move your body. If you have paddled for a while already and your lower back still gets sore, then you have to be more careful and focus on your technique.
For new paddlers, the entirety of your back being sore is common so there’s nothing to worry about. It differs between people but your lower back should stop getting sore after 2-3 months of regular paddling, in my experience. Your butt being sore is fine. Dragon boating, although is doesn’t look like it, requires plenty of lower body strength as well
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本帖最后由 ALEXYIM 于 2019-5-23 18:56 编辑

You are the smartest among your teammates.  The others...

 楼主| 发表于 2019-6-7 07:53:22 | 显示全部楼层
by 女队队长Meggie:


Call number off  按排数报号 每排都只报自己的号 而且需要和划桨的节奏配合 第一桨往下插水的时候报“one”第二排第二桨的时候报“two”目的是每排左右桨手保持一致 同时全船队员了解自己的位置顺序以及节奏

paddles up 划船练习的起始动作 身体前倾 A型手 桨在水外 离水面一寸

lock-in 划船比赛的起始动作 身体外靠船弦 A型手 桨叶全部埋在水里 号子手会喊 Paddlers ate you ready? Attention go (正式比赛会用喇叭horn 替代Go”大家不需要回答 全副精力注意 一听到Go就开划

Drag the boat 桨叶放入水中 但是桨叶和水平面一个方向 目的是维持船和水面的起伏 在有浪过来的时候维持平衡

Hold the boat 桨放入水中 但是桨叶和水平面垂直方向 目的是停止船的前后移动 保持在一个固定点

几个昨天训练中的常见问题 第一 身体往下弯得不够 弯腰不是弯背 不然 后面的队员就会不够空间往下弯动作到位 第二 回桨一定要迅速 不然后排人本能会跟着你慢下来 整队节奏就错了 如果后排紧跟第一排stroker的节奏 那就一定打桨 或者后排心慌容易脱桨 第三 节奏 教练再三强调 起始的时候节奏越来越快 如果因为各种原因没有办法做到强有力的全桨 那么半桨也可以 关键就是节奏一定要对 半桨的意思就是不用拉到后面够长的位置 能拉到多远就多远 要及时回桨跟节奏 这个是关键中的关键 一定要一致

 楼主| 发表于 2019-6-7 07:57:17 | 显示全部楼层
by 北美户外龍舟两支队伍的大领导@闪亮的日子(Jane):
今天是加训。First, I take my hat off to everyone today. 各位队友,教练 @Kevin,caller @junwen , steer @Andrew,@Jerry 辛苦了。 各位队友都是俗务缠身,各自有家庭孩子,周六本来是陪伴家人,送孩子去各种培训班,或者陪自己的父母的时候,仍然赶来加训, 不是为了全队的利益,不是真心喜爱这项运动,是做不到的。 看今天的视频,我只能说感动。九月份刚开始的时候,和现在,我们龙舟队已不可同日而语。 没有各位队友的努力是做不到的。为此,我谢谢各位。

龙舟队是很难的一项运动,恐怕户外运动中,没有比龙舟对团队精神要求更高的了。可是在讲究团队精神的同时,对个人也有很高的要求。这种要求不仅仅体现在划龙舟,即在船上的时间,也体现在陆地上,按时到场训练,warm up, 听从指挥,cool down 并按时退场。这要求每个人的配合和妥协。团队的凝聚力是靠每个人的自律以及对自己队友的尊重建立起来的。 目前我们的有些队员们在训练中没有做到这一点。如果家庭或者工作原因,请说明。大家都会理解的。沟通是双向的。你不说,我也不会知道。
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By 义工舵手安得鲁:

 楼主| 发表于 2019-6-7 08:01:43 | 显示全部楼层
by 教练Kevin 2 weeks ago:

So a couple of things for both boats aside from top arm straight and hip movement. We need to make sure we recover (air time) faster a lot of us are lagging at the back and not snapping forward at the back of the stroke. Secondly, paddlers are recovering too far away from the boat. You should lift the top arm and snap forward and not go too far out to the side. Essentially it is like a lift  and plant (talking about the padde) lift the paddle then plant it down at the front. Lastly we need more body movement a lot of people are just sitting up right and not using their bodies to drop down onto the blade.

Videos form today are poster below. Please review your positioning throughout the workout Gordon and Howard are good examples of the stroke I am looking for (although Gordon you can get down a bit more by hinging to get deeper water)! Look at how Howard stretches forward and is “big” the whole time (big open frame and set up) and pulling long strokes. Everyone else behind them in the boat is responsible for following that technique and moving the same way
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我敬佩的咱龍舟女队队长 - 侠女@MeggieLi_MeggieLi 写得有趣,忍不住转过来⬇️[Grin]
 楼主| 发表于 2019-7-9 10:32:51 | 显示全部楼层
Question by 立春:
群里的技术指导们@Kevin @小茹  @Gary Luo ...question: they were not looking at the front R/L, it seems everyone headed down to focus on each timing or ? Did I miss something?

Answer by Gary:
對於初學划龍舟的人來說,強調抬頭是為了保持上身直立,初學者用力時,容易弓背(蝦米腰)這是不對的。實際上,要求頭與上身保持一條直線,hinge down 的時候,頭隨身體自然向下,起身向後拉漿時,頭隨身體自然抬起。我觀察過專業選手,尤其是亞裔選手,比如華人龍舟隊。歐美選手,比賽都採用大漿距(long stroke)的划法,因为他们具有身高、臂长的优势,所以使用long stroke的划法更有效。亚洲人相比欧美人身高与臂长都不占优势,所以他们多采用高频率,以弥补浆距(stroke)短的不足。为了保持高频率,浆手的上身需要保持前倾,加上速度快,浆手的头似乎一直都是“低头”。事实上,我估计浆手的视线与水平面的夹角应该在10 - 20度之间。另外,高浆频的划法,没有伴随转身动作,因为没有时间。@立春

 楼主| 发表于 2019-7-9 10:34:01 | 显示全部楼层
By 闪队:
@z k 划龙舟对核心肌肉群的锻炼很好。这是大家一年划下来的体会。这也是很多别的跑步骑车等锻炼的比较少的部位。年龄大了,身体肌肉细胞急剧下降。没有肌肉的有力保护,最后人在运动时基本靠骨骼来支撑,所以受伤骨折等等会频繁。平常常规练习就要有意识的锻炼肌肉群,而不是以减肥减重为目的。

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 楼主| 发表于 2019-7-29 19:32:56 | 显示全部楼层
by 教练 Kevin:
“Yeah adding onto what Jun Wen said dragon boating isn’t the same as badminton we only have one festival for every team to enter. There is no A tournament or B level tournaments. Once we all compete the final race will always feature teams of similar levels (competitive, division A, B, C ... and so on) the more recreational teams are going to have a letter further away from division A. In this race juice we randomly picked our seats for Harrison as it was a just for fun race for us. I sat in seat left 10 and caller even though I usually sit at R3. Age does play a factor in dragon boating but is not everything. There is a senior C team that paddles out of Granville island who are all 60+ years old but almost always finish in the competitive division or A. With more hard work our team will be able to get to that level one day “
“FCRCC (60+ years old) was division A this year at concord and VIP 50+ was competitive B ”

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